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Your Personal Cacao Ritual

Ceremonial Cacao FAQ


What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial Cacao is the art of intentionally consuming the Cacao as a beverage in alignment with the Ancient traditions of the Amazon. 

The word "Ceremonial" refers to the type of trees we are sourcing our Cacao from. To be deemed Ceremonial, the trees are deep-rooted, heirloom varieties, non-GMO and organic. 
We source our Cacao solely through a company called Cacao Laboratory who supports farmers in Ecuador who have regenerative farming practices. Cacao Lab also pays a fair, livable wage to their farmers. 

How do I make Cacao?

It is best to invest in a kitchen scale if you plan on working with Cacao regularly. 

10-15 grams of Cacao is great for children, pregnant women or for beginning your practice

20-30 grams for a meditation dose

40 grams for a ceremonial dose. 

Create an intention or prayer for this ritual for yourself and infuse this into your cacao as you chop Cacao. Measure out the correct weight and place in a blender or pot. 

Add 4 to 6 oz. of hot water (not boiling) into your vessel and blend or stir until melted. 

Singing and praying while you do this process, while maintaining your intent in your heart-center is recommended. 

Offer a prayer of gratitude and sip. 
You may add honey, if desired. 

(Traditionally, no additives are placed into the Cacao.)

What to avoid with your Cacao practice

It is best to avoid the following list of suggestions when working with a plant teacher. 

If you slip up, miss a day or forget, remember: no one is perfect. 
Do your best!

Avoid or Limit 6 hours before and after your Cacao practice:

-drinks with high amounts of caffeine




-fried foods

-violent content or aggression

-negative thinking

How often do I drink Cacao?

Listen to your body. 
Some people work with this Sacred Plant Teacher every day, while others weekly. 

When do I drink Cacao?

We love to drink Cacao as part of our practice first thing in the morning, oftentimes replacing breakfast. 
You may work with this plant up to about 4-6 hours before bed as it is stimulating.

Where do I buy Cacao?

At Lion Flower Health, we are affiliated with Cacao Laboratory and sell 2.2lb bricks. Please see our SHOP section. 
Alternatively, you may go to their website and use code LIONFLOWER10 for a 10% off discount.

How do I learn more?!

Visit the Services tab on our website to book a consult with Kristina as she is a Ceremonialist through the teaching of the Amazonian Elders that has been passed onto her.

Do you offer Ceremonies?

At Lion Flower Health, we offer personal and group circles and ceremonies. Please follow us on Instagram to stay up to date or book a personal ceremony via the Services tab.